Free Plan

Standard Plan


(1) Assuming 300 input tokens and 30 generated tokens
(2) Assuming 4 characters per token and neglecting the cost of the input tokens. The actual number of characters per token depends on the model, language and content. Assuming num_beams=1 when translating with M2M100 1.2B.

Pricing FAQ

How does the pricing work ?

The price of a request is determined from the number of input tokens (i.e. the ones you sent) multiplied by the input token price summed with the number of generated tokens multiplied by the generated token price.

Generated tokens are more expensive than input tokens because they require more computation resources.

A token is the unit of information processed by a language model. It depends on the model and corresponds to about 4 characters for English texts.

How is the payment handled ?
TextSynth uses a credit system with pre-purchased credits. This way you never pay more than expected. The payment is handled by Stripe. The minimum purchase is of 20.
Can I pay in euros ?
Yes, TextSynth accepts payments in euros too. Note that the currency can only be changed when you have zero credits.
How long last the credits ?
Purchased credits last one year. If they are not fully used after this duration they are no longer valid.
What happens when my number of credits goes down to zero ?
Your plan is automatically set to the Free Plan with the associated limitations. When the number of credit is greater than zero the Standard Plan is enabled again.